EasyMed NSJ-02

For Biofeedback,electrotherapy

& combined therapy

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Easy-Med NSJ-02 offers you the possibility to measure and treat, thanks to the combination with electrotherapy. This makes it into a multifunctional device allowing endless treatments.

1)、postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation, vaginal relaxation

2)、urinary incontinence

3)、mild and severe organ prolapse / prolapse

4)、sexual dysfunction

5)、perineal pain, bladder pain and other chronic pelvic floor pain

6)、postoperative pelvic floor function recovery

1)、 China's national brand exported to Europe and America for more than 20 years

2)、 the domestic product with FDA and CE certification

3)、 the access to the Ministry of health procurement target brand

4)、a comprehensive and efficient one-stop solution to pelvic floor muscle function evaluation and pelvic floor muscle function rehabilitation, such as postpartum rehabilitation function

5)、symptomatic prescription design, intelligent, simple application

Easy-med provides the functionality of 2 devices in one electro stimulation and EMG feedback.

Both therapy forms can be used independently or combined.

The biofeedback functionality will ensure fast and e_ ective reeducation therapy.

Because you can measure and visualise your patient’s muscle activity, there is a greater awareness of muscle functioning. This improves proprioception and eventually your patient’s quality of life.

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