Fetal Ambient Sound

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Different individuals have different fetal ambient sound. According to the theory of international experts about the “when the baby hear the sound that he used to hear in utero and he will be calm” and “sleep is the main security of the intellectual development”, the high definition sound in utero will be collected to recreate the intrauterine sound field of fetal memory. The sound can help the baby securely surmount the sleep disorders and appreciate the parents love.

Comforting function for newborns, relax the spirit and reduce crying.

Promote sound sleep, guarantee brain development.

Contribute to the production of hormones, promote growth and development.

Record and save the sound in pregnancy.

The “fetal ambient sound” is the familiar sound environment of fetus in utero, such as the mother's voice, heartbeat, borborygmus, Gastric peristalsis sound, uterine and umbilical blood flowing sound, amniotic fluid flowing sound and the own beating of fetus. Modern science, especially psychology, physiology and biochemistry, has confirmed that six months fetuses can react to the sound, and have the ability of shallow memory and recognition. Fetal sensitivity of sound is almost unimaginable!

Maternal is a very stable environment for the fetus. The fetus can ear to the world, enjoy the various familiar sound from the maternal, experience all kinds of sound stimulation from the outside world and react to the sound strength and tone height in the maternal. The fetus will have a free, safe and healthy growth in this ambient sound.

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