MP Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Detection System

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HDP risk assessment: pregnant conventional antenatal examination starting at 12 weeks in every antenatal care which can early find the high risk groups with HDP, Improve the intervention to reduce the risk of HDP

HDP complications risk assessment: Monitor the patients once a week to find the high-risk groups with severe complications, conduct the timely intervention or referral, reduce the complications and pregnant risk and improve the prognosis.

The risk assessment and treatment guidelines of FGR: The hypertensive disorders of pregnancy detection system can assess placental hypoxia and hypoxia degree, and screen high risk group with FGR and treat them with the targeted intervention treatment. The FGR incidence will be reduced 29%.

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy risk index: The evaluation index of the risk of the normal pregnant women with HDP in 1-2 months.

Complication risk index: The evaluation index of the risk of patients with serious HDP complications.

General hemodynamic detection parameters: Blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac index, total peripheral resistance, K, whole blood viscosity and microcirculation and update rate, etc.

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy information management software:

According to the statistical management of HDP information, symptoms and signs evaluation, laboratory evaluation, condition monitoring information, clinical evaluation after treatment, therapeutic schedule and perinatal maternal and infant outcome assessment, the software can observe the entire process from the onset of the patients with HDP to the end of the delivery more clearly, and improve the prevention level of HDP and reduce the risk of obstetric health risks.

Measure the maternal left radial pulse waveform to calculate the pregnant hemodynamic parameters by elastic tube model of the biomedical engineering principle. Monitor the change of maternal hemodynamic indexes, then evaluate the maternal heart, blood vessels and microcirculation function, screen the patients with HDP and guide the treatment to reduce the risks, the complication, the maternal mortality rate and the obstetric health risks.

"the Detection Method of Perinatal Medicine" - P386

High risk population screening——Reduce the risk of HDP

Early warning of complication risk——Reduce the complications and improve the maternal-fetal prognosis

Timing of delivery——Terminate pregnancy timely to avoid the adverse consequences

Comprehensive information management——Overall process management to reduce obstetric medical risks

Noninvasive monitoring, safe and quick

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