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The concept of company

People oriented is the company to employees and lasting concern.

The positive, cooperative, responsible, responsible employee permanent work attitude.

We sincerely invite you to join us as good team come!

  • Regional manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Production people
  • Office director

1、Take charge of the product sales and promotion.

2、Complete the sales targets under the marketing plan.

3、Exploit new markets, develop new customers and maintain customer relationships.

4、Take charge of the information collecting and analyzing the competitors in own popedom.

5、Take charge of the planning and execution of the sales activities and complete the sales task.

6、Other temporary work requirements of the company.


1、College degree or above, medical background preferred.

2、Sales experience about medical device, familiar with the sales cycle of the medical product, have a certain degree of the customer resources, work independently.

3、Honest, dedicated, responsible, strong team spirit, able to work under pressure, able to frequent travel.

4、Male priority.

5、Ages of 25-35 years old priority.


1、Take charge of collecting product-related information, concerning the dynamic forefront information and providing support for clinical sales.

2、Take charge of collating and aggregating customer profiles, completing the monthly data collation and analysis.

3、Cooperate with department manager to organize all kinds of exhibition or academic meeting, prepare the meeting and the follow-up management.

4、Create and update all kinds of product sales promotional materials.

5、Handle the daily work schedule of marketing department.


1、Clinical medicine college degree or above

2、Quick thinking, clarity, good language expression ability and communication skills.

3、Honest, cheerful and team spirit.

4、Familiar with office software.

5、Work experience priority.


1、Take charge of completing the product hardware circuit design, manufacture, commissioning.

2、Compile and debug circuit control program (SCM and other embedded systems).

3、Write relevant project design document and standardized data.

4、Provide technical support; Cooperate with product registration and type testing.

5、Train and guide production personnel in the production process.


1、Bachelor degree or above, electronics, automation, computer and other related professionals; relevant work experience of 2-5 years; medical equipment development experience is preferred

2、Good basic knowledge of analog and digital circuits, signals and systems, strong practical ability

3、Excel in common circuit board design tools, familiar with the microcontroller development environment; familiar with the SCM project development process, experienced project development; understand embedded technical knowledge plus.

4、Enable to read the relevant professional information in English.

5、Strong sense of responsibility, better study and teamwork spirit.


1、Engage in medical equipment products, semi-finished products and finished product assembly and packaging

2、Fill out the production record with the production operation procedures.

3、Obey the working arrangement form the production manager and finish the work on time.

4、Take charge of the daily maintenance of production equipment and the environment.

5、Take charge of completing the work assigned by the department heads.


1、Technical secondary school degree or above, machinery and electronics and other related disciplines.

2、Have a basic knowledge of computer application technology; Enable to skillfully use all kinds of office software.

3、Industrious and hardworking.

4、Good language expression ability, good communicating ability.

5、Good team cooperation spirit and innovative spirit.

6、Experience in medical equipment industry and driving license is preferred.


1、Take charge of the company’s daily administrative work.

2、Participate in establishing and perfecting the management of the company rules and regulations, Improve and perfect the administrative management system of the external and internal.

3、Take charge of drafting company important documents, organization, work, activities, organization and implementation of internal conference.

5、Communication, comprehensive support, coordination and service.

6、Collect, sort and relevant national policies and regulations.


1、College graduate or above, 3 years experience in enterprise management.

2、With a basic understanding of the modern enterprise management mode and some practical experience.

3、With the systematic understanding of each function module in enterprise management, enable to guide the work of each function module.

4、With the ability to solve complex problems; Strong executive ability of planning and implementation.

5、With strong motivation, communication, coordination, pragmatic and sense of responsibility.

6、With 2 years or 2000 kilometers driving experience, and computer network, office system management experience.

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