Multi-function maternal and infant scale

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1、Length (Height) measurement range: 0-85cm

Measuring accuracy: ±0.1cm

2、Weight measurement range:

Infant weight: 0.5-30kg   Displaying accuracy: 0.01kg

Adult weight: 0.5-150kg   Displaying accuracy: 0.01kg

3、USB interface is provided in the foldable maternal and infant supervision scale to transport data.

4、The scale can measure the weight, fat content, moisture content, skeleton mass, subcutaneous fat, body consumption index and body mass index (BMI) of mother/adult.

5、With the native functions of data storage, search and call ≥100 times measured data.

6、Display Mode: electronic digital display.

7、Idle automatic shutdown function.

8、Electricity shortage prompt.

9、Weighing lock function.。

Neonatal supervision scale combines the measuring principle with the weighing principle which can measure the maternal weight, fetal weight and fetal body length.

It provides the convenient measurement and superiority parameters to meet the needs of supervision.

According to the needs of supervision work, we changed the traditional “combination of pocket and steelyard scale” with height and weight measurement to be a “foldable maternal and infant supervision scale” to make the supervision personnel convenient.

The scale is convenient for personal carry after folding. The weight reading can be seen through the scale LCD display, and with the scale mark the neonatal weight and height can be measured at the same time. The maternal weight is measured with the folded scale, the neonatal weight and height is measured with the unfolded scale.

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